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Branding and Logo Design

to define business you love.

Is your brand confusing?

Branding is the voice of your business and the face that customers recognize.  If your look isn’t consistent across your website, email marketing, and social media channels – customers are going to get confused.

Synchronize it with a brand kit.

Websites and branding go hand in hand so a polished brand kit is included in every website development package. The kit can be used to standardize your look and feel across all your business channels so customers will always know who they’re buying from.

Brand Style Guide

Full Brand Kit

Main Logo Design*

The primary visual representation of your brand, including color variations of the logo for use in different contexts.

Secondary Logo* Design

Additional logo featuring the brand name in different stacked formats and colors.

Icon Logo Design*

The small icon graphic for your brand that may be used in locations like the website favicon or other small areas.

Color Palette

A set of colors that represent the brand, including primary and secondary colors.


The fonts used in your brand’s visual identity, including guidelines on the typeface, font size, and font styles for use in different contexts.

Brand Style Guide

A document that easily summarizes your full offering of branding pieces that’s easy to read.

*Our Good website package includes a basic brand kit with color palette and typography. The Better and Best packages include logo design or redesign, if desired. 

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