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Meet the team

Snowy Mountain Marketing was founded by CEO Aly Robins in 2019. Her clients were relieved to have found someone who understood ag and rural business who could help them resolve their website and marketing issues!

Our mission is to our people – agriculture and rural business owners.

At Snowy Mountain Marketing, our team is dedicated to helping rural Americans not only succeed, but thrive, by helping business owners move their needles to increase confidence, leads, and sales for maximum profit and freedom.

Our team is cut from the same cloth as our clients. We are rural living mothers, online small business owners, and passionate agriculture enthusiasts who all love watching fellow businesses level up their game. 

Because we’re all from the same background, we get the struggle. It’s hard to build and scale a business in a rural area, and the online landscape is full of so much noise it takes a lot of understanding and skill to really reach those ideal customers and clients. Not to mention – running a business amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday family and/or farm and ranch life is hard! 

Every service offered by Snowy Mountain Marketing keeps this in focus as we teach our clients the basics of online marketing, promotion, and sustainable growth. We want our clients to run their businesses so they can reach their dreams – when done correctly, this shouldn’t be constantly stressful or burdensome. 

Our clients are transformed into confident, empowered business owners who make positive impacts on the rural communities they know and love.

Aly Robins

Owner / CEO of Snowy Mountain Marketing

As CEO of Snowy Mountain Marketing, Aly’s role is focused on leading, speaking, working 1:1 with clients and in her group programs, and generating ideas as a visionary. 

Aly, her husband Jayme, and son J2 live in a rural town in Central Montana. While owning her marketing business, she and her husband also own Rockin’ J A Car and Dog Wash. She understands how difficult it is to grow a business in a small town, which is why she is so passionate about helping others put foundational principles in place, so they can actually get to the next level. She has developed simple frameworks for marketing, websites, social media, and business that you can use today. If you are more interested in business coaching with her, check out Alyrobins.com

Holly Wright

Web Developer / Project Manager

Holly has been a member of the Snowy Mountain Marketing team since January 2021 when Aly was ready to expand her team to serve more clients. She loves working on new projects and tackling coding challenges. Holly’s job is to make the development process go smoothly.

Holly currently is based in Phoenix, Arizona but loves to travel all over the world.  She also enjoys painting and working with her local theater company.

Sundee Holtman

Branding & Web Designer

As a graphic and brand designer, Sundee Holtman helps rural businesses rise through strategic and beautiful design. Growing up in Eastern Oregon and now living in Southern Idaho, Sundee has been involved in rural and agricultural communities her entire life and especially relates to the business owners and entrepreneurs inside of these communities. 

Sundee strives to communicate the quality of your endeavors products/services through thoughtful and logo, brand identity, digital and print material design. Sundee understands the transformation that can happen when entrepreneurs establish a cohesive visual identity and absolutely loves to help make that happen.

Jaclyn De Candio


Jaclyn manages and creates communications content for businesses and publications in the agriculture, animal, and food sectors who need someone with direct experience and knowledge of their industries.

As an agriculture writer, communicator, and media specialist, Jaclyn likes to unite different thoughts and perspectives between food and agribusinesses. She chases stories that spotlight those on the forefront of a brighter agribusiness future – those finding ways to enhance sustainability, innovating, and changing what we thought was possible.

Her professional portfolio includes many reputable news outlets in print and digital publication. Other services include blog posts, B2B, educational, technical and SEO writing.

Be sure to check out her blog with a focus on communications/media tips and today’s current issues in agriculture at the-herdbook.com